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▪️Leaving Hakuba today? Click here.


▪️ Step 1

Fill out our Request Form and we’ll reply within 24hrs to confirm everything.

▪️ Step 2

We’ll collect your luggage from your accommodation staff after you check-out.
▪️ If this isn’t possible where you’re staying, we’ll arrange to collect it from you in person before you check-out.

▪️ Step 3

After storage here in Hakuba, your luggage will be sent to your chosen pick-up point so that it arrives in time for your flight or onward travel.  *You can change the date and location you want your belongings sent to anytime here.


Scroll down for FAQ.


Airport Pick-Up

Pick-up your bags from the courier service desk at your departure airport the day of your flight (see airport pick-up locations here).

Hotel Pick-Up

Pick-up your bags at a different hotel anywhere in Japan. We’ll have it there to collect on your check-in date.

For hotel deliveries we need to know…
1) Hotel name.
2) Check-in date.
3) The name your booking is under.

You can give us those details in your online request.

Other Addresses Nationwide

If you want your items sent to an Airbnb, guesthouse or other ‘regular address’ (such as a house, apartment or workplace) we can arrange that too.

Note: Someone will need to sign for & receive your luggage when it arrives.


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Frequently Asked Questions

▪️ I’m leaving Hakuba today/tomorrow. Can you store my bags at such short notice?

▪️ I want to put my luggage into storage but I don’t know when I want it back?

▪️ Can I leave my luggage at my accommodation to be collected after I leave?

▪️ Are there any items that I can’t send in my bags?

▪️ What happens if my belongings are lost or damaged?

▪️ I want to pick-up my belongings at the airport. Where do I get them from?

▪️ What happens if the courier company doesn’t get my belongings to me in time for my flight?

▪️ I want to change my pick-up date and/or location.

▪️ When & how do I pay for your service?


If you have a question that wasn’t answered, please don’t hesitate to ask us here.

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