Picking-Up Your Belongings



Once your luggage has been stored in Hakuba it will be sent via Kuro-neko courier service to your designated pick-up point.

Narita Airport and Kansai Airport have multiple pick-up points. See our confirmation email for the point you can get your bag/s back, then see the appropriate map below.


Common Concerns

- What do I need to show at the airport to get my belongings back?

- I’m worried I won’t be able to find the place to get my bag/s.

- What should I do if my belongings have been damaged?

- What time can I get my belongings back?

- What if they don’t have my belongings when I go to collect them?

- My flight is from Narita Terminal 3. Where do I get my bag/s back from?



Airport Maps

■ Your bag will be sent to the terminal / wing pick-up location of your flight.

Narita North Wing T1Narita South Wing T1Narita Terminal 2Narita-Terminal 3



Haneda International

Haneda Domestic T1

Haneda Domestic T2



Kansai Airport T1


Chitose Airport

 Click the map to enlarge it (Chitose Airport)


 Need help? Email us at booking@hakuba-luggage.com,

or call us on (+81)080-2445-0138




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